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Spring cone crusher updates process

    Spring cone crusher adopts the international advanced techniques to develop this equipment. To this, the 2012 domestic manufacturing industry the development of the market, the Hongxing mining machinery also have some of their views.
   In fact, in recent years China's manufacturing momentum of development is very strong, but the prominent problems in technology and strategy is always walk along the old, not radically change for development ideas, and the current manufacturing especially at dressing crushing and screening branch line of business, mining machinery enterprise to provide users with complete service to the enterprises, into line,china jaw crusher few to provide a full range of solutions or take on more complex engineering contracting project ability. Experts point out that, at present the mine the machine's technical level, is the production promote concentration broken screening equipment for the mainstream,Rock crushers the next 20 years of development, will still be so. In further improving precision, efficiency, automation, intelligent, network, and on the basis of processing unit and gradually to the high-end equipment manufacturing system transition.
   China's access to the production country, consumers and importing countries ranks,Stone production line but big but not strong. Based on the current situation of the Chinese mine mining machinery factory Hongxing through the further deepening the reform and actively adjust the industrial structure and product, the transformation of economic growth mode, enhance the ability of independent innovation, speed up the high-end mining machinery, mineral processing equipment, crusher equipment and the key parts of the research and development and market development, further improve product quality and strengthen the service consciousness, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry, insist to green innovation avenue, believe Hongxing must be able to achieve yethttp://www.symonscrusher.net fast sustainable development, finish by big strong goal.
   In the face of the competition of the international market momentum in overrun, therefore in the international market and technology international, international investment aspects should be greatly strengthened, and the more open to international vision, flexible operation form, using every can use of domestic and industrial resources, get win-win situation, in order to realize the manufacturing technology upgrading innovation objective way should actively promote and implement.



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