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The rigid index of spring cone crusher breakthrough market to forward bravely

     In the view of present development, a series joint action of investment boom,taking iron and steel industry,spring cone crusher industry to a new developing period. The requirements of vast markets to the iron ore these ore resources,which will stimulate the spring cone crusher industry technology upgrade.Spring cone crusher is one of the indispensable equipment in the mining machinery industry.
     When the spring cone crusher researched and produced by YIFAN works,motor rotation through the pulley or coupling, the drive shaft, and the cone department in eccentric sleeve of the forced moving around a fixed for rotary pendulum movement, so that the cone crusher and the broken wall near the and sometimes leave solid loading in the adjustment of the rolling white wall surface, and make the ore in the crushing cavity constantly affected, extrusion and bending function and realization of ore crushing.In do not break foreign body through the crushing cavity or for some reason machine overload, spring insurance system implementation insurance, row ore port increases, the foreign body from the crushing cavity discharge, such as foreign bodies stuck in a row of ore can use clear cavity system, make exhaust ore continue to increase, make foreign body eliminate the crushing cavity.
     In the last few years,spring cone crusher market demand is more and more big,YIFAN company according to the different breakage forms developed different cone crusher equipments,such as hydraulic cone crusher,spring cone crusher and so on,Its production efficiency crushing yield can reach 500-1000 tons per hour,that can solve the crushing problems of crushers.In the crusher industry spring cone crusher is more suitable for sand aggregate industry and construction industry. YIFAN spring cone crusher with advanced technology and theory to realize the peer higher efficiency, in the used to climb constantly rich fruits in crushing industry.




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