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YIFAN SMG single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher creates the first-class quality

   SMG hydraulic cone crusher is the kind of cone crusher with international advanced technology. It not only is high reliability ,but also crushing with high efficiency, lower cost, product grain shape good ,is widely used in mining and sand aggregate industry,is suitable to crush hard,midle hard verious materials.
Product features and technology advantages:
1. The optimized cavity type, higher yield, better product quality
   Having a variety of the crushing cavity type selection, by choosing appropriate crushing cavity type and the eccentric distance, the maximum meet customer requirements and achieve high yield; In the full feed circumstances, can realize laminating crushing, make the products more optimal material form.
2. Wearing parts consumption, low operation cost
   The cancellation of the pressure adjusting exhaust ore mouth, can timely, convenient adjustment exhaust ore mouth, make crusher in full feed state work, reduce the consumption of wearing parts, reduce the operation cost.
3. Weight crushing conversion convenient
    Because of the crusher main structure the same, just by changing plate can get different crushing cavity type, can meet the technological requirements of different degree of finish is broken.
4. Advanced hydraulic technology can make the operation simple and convenient maintenance.
   Because of the use of advanced hydraulic technology, which can effectively realize overload protection, simplified the crusher structure, reduce weight. All the maintenance and inspection can be from crusher upper to finish, make the maintenance more convenient.
SMG series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher work principle:
   SMG series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher structure makes the equipment control is very convenient, even in the equipment operation of the process, also can easily achieve discharge gate of arbitrary regulation. Intelligent automation control system makes the crusher always stay at the best working state, and achieve internal and external cone lining plate wear automatic compensation function. We from operation panel can accurate setting and adjustment of discharge gate size, can also from operation panel through several button that can automatically accomplish wear parts wear compensation. At the same time, as a result of the single cylinder of the mechanical structure, the whole model is very compact, a large number of reduce the tubing oil circuit and xtras control structure.


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