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YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher exerts great effect in the field of iron ore

  Iron ore should be  crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-elect scheduler gradually choose iron. Complex process, need as far as possible to the most appropriate process to obtain the best effect, therefore, iron ore crushing equipment choice is particularly important.
  Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Company is the famous enterprise to product crushing and screening equipments.Its technology is enough to guarantee the performance of the iron ore crushing equipment.Hydraulic cone crusher can not only improve iron ore crushing efficiency and production capacity, but also expanded the scope of application, from limestone to basalt, from the stone production to all kinds of ore crushing, it can be in all kinds of crusher, fine grinding, super fine grinding assignments to provide unprecedented crushing performance.This paper focuses on introduction of current iron ore crushing effect best SMG series hydraulic cone crusher.
  This series of hydraulic cone crusher is combined with the domestic and international advanced technology research and development production of high performance equipment, it is used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, water and electricity, mining and other industries to different hardness of ore in broken and fine grinding operation of main equipment, especially suitable for iron ore, quartz material such as crushing. In the production capacity, product size, the product shape, equipment weight, maintenance and operation were superior to ordinary spring cone crusher, crushing cavity type is divided into standard, medium, short head type 3 kinds, cavity type selection by ore USES decision, among them, the standard suitable for broken, medium suitable for fine grinding, short head type used in fine grinding.
  At present, SMG series hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in various fields, and depending on the reliable quality and the high quality post-sale service occupation of the market, to the user bring good economic benefits.


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