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Pebble crusher--hydraulic cone crusher

   Pebble is a by-product of the yellow sand mining, it is a kind of natural stone material, after one thousand years of crustal movement and rivers shock, extrusion, friction.The main components of the pebble is silica, and at the same time, also contain iron oxides, manganese, copper, aluminum and other elements and compounds.Pebble quality hard, have fight pressure, resistant to wear and corrosion and other natural characteristic, it is a kind of ideal green building materials, is widely used in building and road construction, etc.
   Pebble in applied to various industries must go through crushing process, to achieve the right size to use.Hydraulic cone crusher can effectively to cobble broken, different types of cone crusher can achieve different levels of crushing.Standard hydraulic cone crusher can crush the materials,Medium hydraulic cone crusher can crush finely materials,Short head type hydraulic cone crusher can carry on to supplies ultra fine crushing.
   Zhenghzou YIFAN Machinery Company efficient hydraulic cone crusher is alternative spring cone crusher and general hydraulic cone crusher a new generation of products.It is big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, wearing parts consumption, low operation cost, and has a variety of the crushing cavity, application flexibility, adaptability etc. It is the ideal crushing equipment for large stone quarry plant and mining industries.



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