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Hydraulic cone crusher create new rules of new products

   In order to adapt to the development of machinery industry top and constantly update modernization technology is crusher industry development priority. Hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer in the future development constantly updated technology, to create the industry's new product development. Among them, the zhengzhou YIFAN mechanical equipment co., LTD., through continuous development developed cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher technology to further improvement.
    Hydraulic cone crusher through the large engineering proved the machine in the field of mineral processing good application prospect. Hydraulic cone crusher in crushing material throughput, high productive capacity, and the unique design, make the machine of the cost of maintenance and maintenance cost greatly reduced, so that the machine's efficiency greatly improved, the production cost has significantly reduced. The hydraulic cone crusher of spalling effect and gyratory crusher basic same. Also is to use moving cone and fixed cone between to spalling of the working face. Moving cone bearing in the spherical bearing, and fixed in a suspension vertical axis, vertical shaft in eccentric sleeve inside, and eccentric sleeve and in thrust bearings.Hydraulic cone crusher compact structure, high production efficiency, using bowl bearing has high accuracy reserve, and USES the concentration diluted oil lubrication system, when the need to adjust the discharge gate big hours can activate hydraulic station through the promote cylinder adjusted, when not broken material into the crushing cavity, spring safety.
   According to the mining industry several products and type of crusher, including hydraulic cone crusher it is a use for a long time, the application of crushing effect of one of the most significant crusher. To the materials handling capacity is big, high productive capacity, energy conservation and environmental protection, low noise, good tightness, maintenance cost greatly reduced, so that the cone broken production efficiency has been greatly improved, and it is a kind of ideal energy saving grinding crusher.



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