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Hydraulic cone crusher is energy conservation and emission reduction

    With the rapid development of mining mechanism of domestic construction machinery industry is facing new shuffle and construction, machinery industry in the hair of mining equipments in constant evolution, part of the equipment will face a new round of competition mechanism, the partial products in constant competition environment were knocked out, but some products in the fierce competitive environment to realize innovation development, the industry developing steadily forward, such as hydraulic cone crusher development in constant evolution of realize the further promotion and sublimation. In the industry developing step by step towards the development of The Times cutting edge.
    Along with the cone crusher constantly in the process of evolution, the domestic brands businessmen zhengzhou YIFAN mechanical equipment co., LTD., from production to sales integration of the operation procedures, in the domestic sales of cone crusher, SMH hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher is YIFAN company in recent years has introduced professional used in mining, cement, construction industry, and other mineral processing equipment. With the engineering mechanical parts field, most of the profits are high-end parts PeiTaoShang occupy, China engineering machinery parts enterprise products to meet domestic main product need. With hydraulic as an example, the Japanese kawasaki and Germany Bosch rexroth is almost a monopoly of China in high-end hydraulic parts market, also join technology to self-respect, raise prices.
    According to the mining machinery years of development more preparation equipment towards higher direction, YIFAN company after years of development to develop a new hydraulic cone crusher, in feed particle size distribution, in general, less than closed side discharge gate materials can not exceed 10%, if more than 10%, power consumption will rise, the product particle size can be turned into flake. Viscous material aqueous quantity increase can affect material through the quantity, the moisture in the materials for, in general not more than 5%. Cone crusher in do not break foreign body through the crushing cavity or for some reason machine overload, cone crusher spring insurance system implementation insurance, cone crusher exhaust ore port increase. Foreign bodies from the cone crusher cavity discharge, such as foreign bodies stuck in a row of ore can use clear cavity system, make exhaust ore continue to increase, make foreign body discharge cone crusher cavity. Realizing modernization mode operation, high efficiency operation low consumption, and at the same time, energy conservation and emissions reduction don't pollute the air.




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