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YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher devote itself to Southwest transportation construction

     In the face of the economic development in the new situation, the southwest area are also actively developing the road traffic construction in order to promote the integrity of the local economic development,all the time, Southwest missed many development chances because of incovenient transportation.But now, District government leaders are determined, a few provinces all construction planning covering the whole province of highway project, however, high-performance hydraulic cone crusher can meet the large amount of quantity demand of sand aggregates.
     Hydraulic cone crusher is very suitable to crush higher hardness materials. compared to impact crusher and hammer crusher etc, using hydraulic cone crusher to crush basalt these hardness materials can reduce the producting cost. In Southwest, the stones belong to higher hardness, in order to reduce maintenance difficulty, and reduce the production cost, it is no doubt to use hydraulic cone crusher.
    Among the hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer, Zhengzhou YIFAN is famous. At present, our cone crusher can be divided into hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher. They have different features, Technical personnel will accord to the customer crushing materials and different production requirements of the different with different configuration, as far as possible to make customer production to achieve the highest efficiency.



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