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Efficient hydraulic cone crusher solve the problem of iron

   Iron ore is an important raw material of iron and steel production enterprises, natural ore (iron ore) after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-election scheduler gradually choose iron. Contains iron or iron compound can economic use of mineral aggregate. Iron ore is an important raw material of iron and steel production enterprises, generally less than 50% of the grade of iron ore dressing to smelting need to pass by. Hydraulic cone crusher can solve the crushing problem.
   At present, domestic mining enterprises production mode is still in a scattered, small, disorderly state, natural resources and energy caused by the huge waste and loss and the ecological environment caused great destruction, iron ore processing equipment of high efficiency and energy conservation and environmental protection is the focus of the present economic development needs.
   Zhengzhou YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher overcome various difficulties, used for iron ore fine grinding effect is remarkable.The hydraulic cone crusher shaft ends up and down all have support, can withstand the iron ore crushing force and greater stroke, with laminated principle adapt to the special crushing cavity shape, make crushing iron ore has higher efficiency of crushing. When hydraulic cone crusher is making iron ore, it is higher than the old spring cone crusher by 35% ~ 60%.
   Improve iron ore production to meet the development needs are very heavy, so choose efficient, economy of iron ore production line is the iron ore production enterprise the most concern. Zhengzhou YiFan company will continue to  improve product performance, quality, for the iron ore investors bring the most benefits.


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