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New type hydraulic cone crusher control domestic market

    According to China's market economy special research center survey, this year the new national approval of all kinds of lime stone, granite quarries, fluorite ore and other kinds of building new rock ore reached more than 200 seat.According to the survey, only a mobile crushing station seat investment of less than 10 million yuan new rock mining which is driven by the crusher and other kinds of mining machinery demand to nearly 100 sets.Therefore, China's huge infrastructure construction produce demand is one of the main factors to promote. Based on many foreign enterprises to enter China's ore machinery market, our country crusher and mining machinery to be in the market to keep even occupy more stable position, must develop new technology, to the large-scale, high-end development, to high-end product industry customers.Hydraulic cone reusher appeared.
    Before a few years, in many mining machinery enterprise still linger in the low end of the market. Take the crusher as an example, the independent brand market share of less than 30%, and mostly focused on the low side jaw crusher market, and tons of medium and large crusher, hydraulic cone crusher independent brand basically all the absence.But over the years the support of government policies, as well as various crusher enterprise of technology promotion and equipment research and development, the attention of our crusher industry had a lot of change.Take YIFAN as the representative, large scale hydraulic cone crusher has their own patents, and keeping researching and producting.
     YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher adopt laminating crushing and single particle breakage, To improve the grinding machine production and efficiency, fine grinding effect is good, eccentricity, power increasing, the broken frequency is high, improve the fineness, plate thickening, prolong service life, reduce the consumption of steel such good features.In the hematite crushing process, adding one hydraulic cone crusher can improve the whole quality of the production line.


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