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After innovation, YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher is more reliable

   The middle of the last century, hydraulic cone crusher is researched, it Greatly improves the performance of the crusher, shorten the product development cycle, improve the market competitiveness of products. However, in the last century, the design of hydraulic cone crusher of Chinese enterprises is not so perfect, it lengthened the development period of production.
   Hydraulic cone crusher is the main equipment of mining production and construction materials,it is widely used in all kinds of metal and nonmetal mine, chemical mineral and cement. In recent years, with some new theory of mine production and materials processing. The desire of users to simple ore can be in crushing stage as much as possible to get more fine particle size, size and better products. In addition, with the situation that the short of  global mineral, Maintain or increase in all kinds of metal and non-metallic under the premise of production, it put forward higher requirement to hydraulic cone crusher. Hydraulic cone crusher is facing higher challenge. Undoubtedly, behindhand hydraulic cone crusher can not bear the new period production task, people should develop new type hydraulic cone crusher.
    Zhengzhou YIFAN tried to develop a new type hdraulic cone crusher, it made use of advanced kinematics and dynamics simulation optimization design software ADAMS of new SMG hydraulic cone crusher mechanism design simulation optimization,the main purpose is optimizes crusher feed, discharge gate to improve the capacity of crushing, to reduce the weight of crusher and strengthen the structure strength.



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