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What is the advantage of YIFAN SMG hydraulic cone crusher

   YIFAN machinery engineer summarizes features of all kinds of crushing cavity type and improve it in the fundation of hydraulic cone crusher, combining many years production practice and on-site experience, YIFAN produced the SMG hydraulic cone crusher which has already achieved international level, SMG hydraulic cone crusher has many cavities crushing function, to realize high productivity. Hydraulic cone crusher can realize laminating crushing and finally make better product grain shape, more cube particles content.
    Combined with other common hydraulic cone crusher, where is the advantage of SMG hydraulic cone crusher.
1. Great crushing ratio, high efficiency productivity.
2. Laminating crushing, uniform products.
3. Less wearing parts consumption, low operation cost.
4. Through changing the fixed cone to realize coarse crushing or fine crushing.
5. Advanced hydraulic technology can realize safe and efficient protection of overload; the hydraulic control discharge opening can simplified crusher structure and reduce the weight.
6. Thin oil lubrication is reliable, and can improve service life.
7. Simple maintenance, convenient operation.


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