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Livelihood projects stimulate the development of hydraulic cone crusher market

    On one hand, livelihood connects economy, on the other hand, it connects the heart of people. Livelihood projects is accually developing projects. Improving livelihood is not only the developing purpose, but also the  inevitable requirement of expanding domestic demand. Must take ensuring and improving people's livelihood as a starting point and foothold of all government work, in a more prominent position, focus on strengthening social construction, improving people's material and cultural life level. As countries of the people's livelihood engineering is becoming more and more attention, the great development in our country to start construction and housing construction has entered a stage. Increasing demand for sand and gravel aggregate are also wide sales for sand production equipment. Recently, Chinese largest stone production line manufacturer Zhengzhou YIFAN's crushing equipment is steping into the golden point of sales. Especially hydraulic cone crusher is more welcomed by the market.
   According to information, YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher absorbed foreign advanced technology, it is researched by combined with demestic sand industry. Once hydraulic cone crusher was launched, it created a series crushing wonder, become the necessary equipment accepted by sand making.
   According to YIFAN personnel, this hydraulic cone crusher is different other equipments because it is selective crushing. Under the impact, be broken material along its most vulnerable aspects of fracture, the selective crushing method, use material granularity and the discharge is in the shape of a cube fine powder and dust content is low. Manufacturer usually choose hydraulic cone crusher is the final crushing equipment to produce aggregate.



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