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Hydraulic cone crusher experts analys the central 2013 six major economic policy signals

  Hydraulic cone crusher experts analysis the six major economic policy signals put forward by political bureau of the central committee of the communist party of China. To maintain macroeconomic policy continuity and stability, to expand domestic demand consumption growth, and support the implementation of enterprise led industry specific goals of national major project of science and technology, to promote agricultural transfer of population urbanization in an orderly way, and made solid progress in key areas, steadily improve the overall level of social security reform and security level.
    Zhengzhou YIFAN, as one of the hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer, analysised the active effect of 2013 economic policy. First of all, keeping the continuity and stability of economy indirectly stable cone crusher sales market and  further expand domestic demand has expanded the area of the hydraulic cone crusher new sales area. Secondly, China support the enterprise to carry out industrial innovation goals, indirectly courage hydraulic cone crusher enterprise continuously create hydraulic cone crusher, it brings the new type motive power; Lastly, China orderly drive urbanization construction and heavy industry areas's reform and opening up, she make the foundation for expending international market to meet domestic market demand.
    The opportunity is adjustment, the key to rise 2013 hydraulic cone crusher sales is innovate equipment, adjust industrial structure and guarantee products service. The technology of hydraulic cone crusher is basically mature,but ensure the quality and environmental protection and energy saving aspects have very big improvement space.


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