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SMG Series hydraulic cone crusher is the fine crushing equipment

      Along with the development of science technology, in recent years, the drive system of hydraulic cone crusher adopts hydrodynamic coupling to replace constant torque coupling, it reduces start request of motor. SMG hydraulic cone crusher gradually cancel the transmissing parts of gear. It adopts planetary wheel speed reducer to replace F FA FAF and connects to the equipment through ball couplings, it is simple and ecnnomic. This structure has already been accepted by more and more manufacturers.
     The device: crusher, bearing pedestal, drainage and so on. Hydraulic cone crusher developed to now, it has various structures, such as fixed tooth, sliding tooth.SMG hydraulic cone crusher is the fine crushing equipment, the cone crusher we designed is divided into large hydraulic cone crusher and small hydraulic cone crusher. The large cone crusher mainly contains fixed casting welding gear, drainage systems structure. And the small cone crusher mainly contains slip casting gear, drainage systems structure. This structure is adopted through different demands of different manufacturers.
     In the remoulding of medium-sized concentrator, it is proper to adopt SMG hydraulic cone crusher as the medium crushing and fine crushing equipment. Without changing the configuration of ore crushing technology and plant, hydraulic cone crusher increases the production capacity with the minimum invention and also meed the demand of mineral processing flowsheet. Hydraulic cone crusher realizes the purpose of energy-saving and cost-reducing
 and more crushing and less grinding.


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