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The problems that hydraulic cone crusher occurs in Summer

    Whith the rapid development of technology, the performance of hydraulic cone crusher has improved greatly, cone crusher, from the single hydraulic cone crusher type to various hydraulic cone crusher and has great improvement to make users more satisfaction.
    Zhengzhou YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher is a new equipment, this crusher absorbs 80's various type cone crusher's advanced technology. It is great different from traditional cone crusher in structure and design and concentrates main advantages of many type cone crushers from then on. It not only improves the production capacity and crushing ratio, but also enlarge the application scale. From limestone to basalt, from sand production line to rock crushing, hydraulic cone crusher can realize secondary crushing, fine crushing, and super-fine cruhsing. Now we can summarize the problems that hydraulic cone crusher occurs in Summer:
    Hydraulic cone crusher easily happes cartridge igniter, oil leak, solenoid valve coil burned, hydraulic valve stuck, loud noise. So we should always check hydraulic system of hydraulic cone crusher.
    Summer high temperature also has the following  effect on hydraulic cone crusher: easily generate gas resistance that can not provide oil; high temperature can reduce air intake system's performance or down the sealing. If the mahine work long time in high temperature, it will lead lubrication system become bad,easy to wear and tear in chassis.



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