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The differences between jaw crusher and cone crusher

Jaw crusher and cone crusher are the crushing equipment which are used widely in the field of current mining manufacturing. Due to the unique characteristics of its own,these two devices are used in mining, metallurgy, iron and steel industry.

Jaw crusher mainly crush material by mutual extrusion of the static and dynamic jaw plate,and is often used for primary crushing. Cone crusher crushes the raw materials by extruding and colliding the ore in the crushing cavity. It is used to the secondary stage crushing, and can be applied to the medium crushing, fine crushing and sand making. The effect is good, especially for metal minerals, such as iron ore, copper ore.

These two kinds of crushers are widely used. Cone crusher is suitable for crushing high hardness materials with the characteristic of large amount of crushing.Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing cohesive ore, and the operation cost is very low. You can choose the ideal model according to your own needs. The suitable is the best.

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