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Hydraulic Cone Crusher is outstanding in Crushing Technology

With the development of economy and the level of science and technology progress, our country mining machinery industry also made the new development, crushing equipment research and development and manufacturing ability is more and more  higher, crusher, the sand machine, mobile crushing stand and construction waste treatment equipment, and other products renewal speed is also more and more quick. Take for cone crusher, cone crusher already from the traditional spring cone crusher development for hydraulic cone crusher, cone crusher for development of single cylinder cone crusher, development speed is too many things to see, not only to the mining machinery industry fresh blood into the Aggregate jaw crusher but also promote the further development of the crusher industry.
 As China's famous mining machinery crushing and screening equipment research and development manufacturer is Zhengzhou YIFAN machinery equipment Co., LTD. At present, the company efficient hydraulic cone crusher is mainly SMH hydraulic cone crusher and SMG hydraulic cone crusher two models, they are in the introduction of world high-tech, based on the latest crushing technology, developed with the leading level in the world of crushing equipment Ore processing plant. Hydraulic cone crusher with hydraulic system rather than the traditional spring, realize the hydraulic insurance and hydraulic automatically adjust the qing cavity function, reduce the down time, improve working efficiency and crushing strength.
In principle Cone crusher, mechanical efficient hydraulic cone crusher owing ingenious use of material layer broken principle and static pressure theory, let motor through, transmission shaft, transmission gear drive eccentric set of rotation, again by eccentric set of driving a spin move cone do sports, make the move and the cone and close to the cone and deviation, close, the material that is Feed grizzly, through two cone extrusion, impact was broken; Deviation, already broken material that is, from the eduction. Moving cone turns continuously for sustainable production can be realized.
 In addition, mechanical hydraulic cone crusher owing to the crushing cavity is diversiform, can exceed the thick cavity from the standard type to short head super fine cavity type any transform Cement rotary kiln, the application is very flexible and can adapt to the big range the granularity of product requirements, to meet the different needs of the campaign, so as to achieve the "multi-usage" purpose


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