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Analysis of Rock Crushing Plant

In the ore crushing process, ore crusher is the main machine. In fact, there are several types of ore crushers.
Jaw crusher is the most common crusher in ore crusher plant and used as primary ore crusher. It can crush big ore into small pieces.
Impact crusher is another common crusher that is used in ore crushing process. It is mainly used in primary or secondary crushing process.
Cone crusher is also used as ore crusher. It is fine crushing machine, and used in secondary or tertiary crushing process.
Hammer crusher is a ore crusher with small capacity. Usually it is used with ore mill to grind ore into powder.
Mobile ore crusher is the convenient ore crusher. It unites the crushing equipment, belt conveyor, and vibrating screen, so crushing and screening process can be finished in this machine.
These stone crushers have their own benefits. How to choose which type of ore crusher is used in ore crushing depends on your requirements, such as crushing capacity, the finished size, etc.
Ore crusher plant
In fact, we rarely use only one crusher in ore crushing process. Usually we compose these ore crushers into a complete ore crusher plant.
A complete ore crusher plant includes crushing and screening machines. Jaw crusher is the primary crusher, impact crusher is the secondary crusher, cone crusher is the fine crusher. Raw ore is transported between these ore crushers through belt conveyor. The finished crushing ore material is screened out by vibrating screen. The eligible ore materials enter into further process, while unqualified pieces return to the ore crusher for crushing again. In this ore crushing process, ore can be crushed into 30-50 mm. If you need ore powder, ore particle is grinded into powder by ore mill.
Ore crusher manufacturer
Zhengzhou YIFAN is an ore crusher supplier in China, and design ore crusher for ore crushing process. With the development of 17 years, our products have formed two main kinds – crushers and grinding mills. Crushers include jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and VI crusher. We also supply a complete crushing and screening plant, such as stone crushing plant, ore crushing plant, construction waste crushing plan. Now our crusher machines have export to all over the world, such as Indonesia, Philipines, India, Vietnam, USA, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Germany and so on.


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