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Compare the cone crusher and the jaw crusher

 Cone crusher is widely used, and high crushing ratio. Cone crusher include coarse crushing,medium crushing,fine crushing, the standard type.
Cone crusher is mostly used in the  benefication plant, fine crushing adopt D type cone crusher. For the coarse stone crusher, use cone crusher or jaw crusher, the following is the simple comparition:
Cone crusher(compare with the jaw crusher) main advantages:
1. Crushing cavity is large-depth, work successive, high productive capacity, low electric consumption .Compare the same width inlet of the jaw crusher, the production capacity is higher twice than the jaw crusher, the electric consumption of every ton of ores is lower 1.5-2 times
than the jaw crusher.
2. Stably working,light vibration,equipment base weight is smaller. The cone crusher base weight is the body weight 's 2-3 times. the jaw
crusher 's base weight is 5-10 times than the machine body weight.
3. Cone crusher can feed ores fully, large cone crusher can feed raw ores directly, no need to add hopper or feeding machine.But jaw crusher
can't feed fully with the inlets,jaw crusher require feeding materials evenly, and will build hopper and vibrating feeder, when the ore size
larger than 400mm, need to install heavy duty of feeder.
4. Cone crusher is easy to start, jaw crusher need the auxiliary equipment to start the flywheel rotating(except the stage jaw crusher start)
5. Cone crusher will produce less sheet shape of products than the jaw crusher.
 But cone crusher also has the disadvantages(compare with the jaw crusher):
1. The gyratory machine body is higher, higher than the jaw crusher twice or three times, the building workshop cost is larger.
2. The cone crusher weight is large, the weight is larger 1.7-2 times than the same feeding size of jaw crusher, so the equipment cost is
3. Cone crusher is not suitable to the wet and sticky ores.
4. Complex of installation and maintainance.
When select the coarse crushing equipment in the crushing design, should consider the ore character,and the finished products size requirements, benefication plant scale,etc. We suggest that when crush the hard stones and long shape of stones,only need two ore three sets of jaw crushers to meet the requirements, and one cone crusher can replace, so you should select the cone crusher firstly. Specially for the clinoform terrain, this design is more favorable. When crush the wet and the sticky ores, or in the medium sized,small-sized benefication plant, jaw crusher is suitable.

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