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Focus on Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Company focus on the following points of hydraulic cone crusher: 1.New hydraulic cone crusher in operation to provide customers with easy operation, you need to meet to be able to automatically adjust the size of the nesting of the feed inlet. 2.Hydraulic cone crusher assembly, configuration, insurance fuel tank, locking cylinders and hydraulic push the fuel tank of the three hydraulic insurance institutions, this assembly can play an insurance role in troubleshooting the problem, machine maintenance. 3.Hydraulic cone crusher chamber requires the use of special design, the use of laminated principle between the grains, with the corresponding speed, this design can increase the crushing ratio and production, increasing the content of the finished material cube. 4.Hydraulic cone crusher broken wall, rolling ace tabular wall production of high-manganese steel crushing chamber type of special change and the broken-laminated material layer protection, can greatly reduce the wear of the machine, greatly increasing the life of the crusher.

Hydraulic cone crusher which improve work capacity and crushing efficiency, is now the mine building the industry leader. Now in the industries of metallurgy, construction, utilities, transportation, chemicals, building materials have been widely used. This crusher is the Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Company the broken machinery experts on the basis of domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with the company many years of experience developed independently, with a reliable, easy to adjust, economical and practical, our broken ore ideal devices.

Already on the market compared to other crusher hydraulic cone crusher machine production YIFAN high production efficiency, low running costs, less consumption of wearing parts, advanced design, can be broken on the selectivity of the materials to save materials, thin oil lubrication, reliable, advanced, an increase of service life, the unique design of thin oil lubrication system, greatly improving the service life of equipment. Easy maintenance, easy operation, with the greatest reliability and flexibility.


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