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Symons Cone Crusher

CC series cone crusher appears earliest in the world ,cone crusher is the world's most widely used, large amount of broken machines. Optimized to improve the Symons cone break, the structure is more reasonable and perfect, technology is more advanced in manufacture, installation, use, maintenance, and so have excellence.
Symons cone crusher purposes:
Cone crusher is widely used in metal mining, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, construction industry, cement industry, and sand and gravel industries. Applicable, the crushing hardness is various mines and rocks, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ores, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebbles and so on.
Symons performance characteristics:
Crushing chamber: cone crusher into three different design methods, the user can select the broken field situation of high efficiency, uniform particle size, grain shape is good, rolling mill wall acetabular wear uniform and long service life The crushing chamber type.
Dry oil seal dust: cone crusher unique dust sealing structure, reliable sealing effect, effectively extending the replacement cycle lubricants and spare parts service life.

Support large breaking force: cone crusher the key parts selection of special materials. Each stroke left broken cone distance large rolling acetabular wall, both to allow more material into the crushing chamber, they form a large marker size, make the material through the crushing chamber faster.

High-quality stones: This machine adopts the unique crushing chamber and the pyramid-shaped broken theory, resulting in fragmentation of the role of particles, so the final product significantly increased the proportion of the cube, flake stone needle reduced grain size more uniform.
High yield: Compared with other models, cone crusher arm length, large-stroke, broken force, crushing cavity can be more effective fragmentation material, the material of each stroke more broken.
High efficiency: up and down both ends of the machine spindle are supported, can withstand a greater breaking strength and greater stroke, coupled with the special lamination theory fit the crushing chamber, to make it a broken machine has a higher efficiency.

Daily operation of the maintenance cost is low: parts selection and structural design is reasonable, long life, broken arm length, lower sliding bearings, gears and a rack load, broken product with uniform size, a decrease of cyclic loading, hydraulic clean cavity system easy to operate, reduce downtime, lower power consumption, distribution and reasonable.


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