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Some systems of cone crusher

The vibrating forms of inertia cone crusher can be divided into horizontal circular vibration, vertical vibration and shimmy vibration and additional vibration caused by the rolling and pressing of moving cone. In these vibrations, the horizontal circular vibration is the main forms, and other directions vibration is relatively small. So we will analysis the situations of horizontal circular vibration in the following.

The body of inertia cone crusher is located in the vibration isolation system. Set the shear elastic of vibration isolation system as K. the total mass of material in the crusher is M. the inertia force in any direction can be simplified as spring mass system by horizontal circular system. Because there is always hinder in the real vibration system, the free vibration force will decay with time growing, and the crusher is basically vibrate according to the vibrating regular of the second part.

The amplitude of crusher is infinity, which is known as resonance. When we choose vibration isolation system, we must make the natural frequency away from the frequency of inertial force to avoid the occurrence of resonance. The smaller the frequency the less force passed to the foundation. So, we should keep the frequency as small as necessary. With the certain mass of material in the crusher, we must use the spring with small shear elastic as vibration isolation elements.
When the vibrating screen is working, under the effect of vibrator, the screen box and screen cloth will move on a circular, oval, or linear motion, which will make the material on the surface of screen disperse and move up and down. Thus, the fine particles can fall through the material layer and then expel from the sieve hole. And the bigger particles will continue to move forward under the effect of vibration. Through the careful observation to the operation process of vibrating screen, the researchers conclude the general steps for the daily maintenance of vibrating screen.

Rubber spring has small shear elastic stiffness to bear multi-directional load, and big damping with good effect on absorbing sudden shocks and high-frequency vibration and reducing the noise. So we often use rubber spring as ideal vibration isolation element of inertia cone crusher. In the horizontal circular vibration, the rubber spring faces shear loads. Set the shear modulus as G, and the vibration isolation system of cone crusher is made up of four same rubber springs.


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