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The Leader of the Steamship--Hydraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crushing station should be installed in the place where suit to facilitate the operation.Locking hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder should be connected with their corresponding oil-ways, in order to ensure the hydraulic cylinders push forward and backward simultaneously. When hydraulic parts installed, operator should take a pressure tested, and the test pressure should be 14MPa. In the process of testing, residual gas should be discharged from the hydraulic piping and locking cylinder through the pipe and screw plug at the bottom of the accumulator.

Before the locking hydraulic cylinder pressure testing, the accumulator must be filled with 7.5-8MPa nitrogen. Please ensure the hydraulic system pressure relief before filling nitrogen,and when promote the hydraulic cylinder pressure test, you should make the lock cylinder pressure relief. Ensure all components no seepage, no leak, flexible and reliable instrument in pressure test.

After pressure testing, then process the adjusting device test to insure flexible operation and hydraulic components working reliably.

Technology has become a prerequisite for the market around, more and more enterprises correct understanding of the technology itself. For the domestic mining machinery manufacturing enterprises in the international market grows, we must first advance in technology and long-term stability. From the mining machinery industry so many years of development and practice, improved technology has always been considered the only choice for healthy development of enterprises. So take a firm technology of establishing enterprises, the road, fully aware that there is no good research can not have a good level of product quality, and continuous introduction of constantly developing new equipment, improving old equipment.

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