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YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher becomes the main equipment of infrastructure 01-31-2013

At present, every city of our country is trying to develop the infrastructure and to actively improve the economic competitive. The rapid development of infrstructure open the huge market of ballast. High quality aggregate is welcomed by the market. Mining resources need high efficiency crushing e...Learn More

Hydraulic cone crusher can crush hard ores to aggregate 01-30-2013

Pebbles are very hard, it has the features of resist compression,Resistant to wear and corrosion, it belongs to the kind of materials that is more difficult to crush and the ideal green construction materials.Hydraulic cone crusher is suitable to crusher the hard stones like pebbles, the aggregate ...Learn More

Two new-style mobile crushing plants are successfully used in Solomon 01-30-2013

Mobile cone crushing plant and mobile screening plant which are researched and produced independently by Zhengzhou YIFAN already delivered to Solomon and had a successful trial. Mobile cone crushing plant is the product that YIFAN independently produced full hydraulic pressure drive tracked vehicl...Learn More

Industry Pioneer-- Zhengzhou YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher 01-29-2013

Along with the anabiosis of engineering construction and steel industry, at the same time to enlarge the demand to iron ore market, hydraulic cone crusher provide the opportunity to the development of industry. Influenced by European and American subprime crisis, Iron and steel industry which stay...Learn More

Hydraulic cone crusher comply with the trend of development 01-28-2013

Chinese mining industry is always keeping mining disorderly,Excessive development environment caused serious damage.Our government stepped up efforts to the reorganization of the mining industry, and strive to promote mining operation to large-scale, modern mode of production into. The policy make...Learn More

YIFAN high performance hydraulic cone crusher applied in crushing field 01-25-2013

Exploitation of new energy is growing vigorously, the probloms emerge in endlessly because of the energy, so it is sure that energy plays more and more important role. And the deveopment of resources Promote the development of all kinds of mining machinery enterprise. Application of aggregate indu...Learn More

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