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YIFAN high performance hydraulic cone crusher applied in crushing field

    Exploitation of new energy is growing vigorously, the probloms emerge in endlessly because of the energy, so it is sure that energy plays more and more important role. And the deveopment of resources Promote the development of all kinds of mining machinery enterprise. Application of aggregate industry is one of the most related with construction industry. All over the country to build the various kinds of basic facilities, roads, Bridges, railways, ports, etc., all need a large number of high quality sand aggregate supply.This is the application of investment production enterprise to bring huge profits space. Zhengzhou YIFAN devote to various hydraulic cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher's research and development. After many years development, YIFAN produced hydraulic cone crusher wigh independent patent. This series hydraulic cone crusher is launched, is welcomed by the market. The high energy and low energy consumption, product excellent characteristics, which quickly became the first application of domestic manufacturers, equipment in all kinds of fine ore broken plays an irreplaceable role.
    In the construction of high railway, hydraulic cone crusher plays an imporment in the aspect of providing aggregates.Stone production line is also called sand production line, the production of construction, highway and railway industries with sand and stone special production line.The features of YIFAN hydraulic cone:
1. It can automatically adjust the discharge size, convenient operation, reliability.
2. The crushing cavity the intergranular laminated principle of special design, in combination with the corresponding speed, improve crushing ratio and production, increase the content of finished material cube.
3. Hydraulic adjustment, thin oil lubrication and effective labyrinth way, fundamentally eliminate the old hydraulic cone broken oil-water mixed various common faults.
    At present, hydraulic cone crusher is one of the pillar product of mining machinert. It is the foundation of countries to establish independent industrial system. Hydraulic cone crusher industry has good development trend, and has become a traditional and new business areas.



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