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Hydraulic cone crusher is one of the sustainer for railway construction

   This year, our railway construction is processing more and more smooth, the projects are more and more.It take great pressures to the construction, at the same time, it also supervises and urges the related enterprise to step forward. As the behind industry of traffic construction, crushing equipment also plays an important role in this engineering construction, especially the big crushing capacity, large application scale hydraulic cone crusher.
     Zhengzhou YIFAN is the famous manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment, in this construction high tide, YIFAN SMG hydraulic cone crusher get more welcome. In the project of Zheng west high iron, jingguang high iron, ZhengXu line and so on railway construction project, this series hydraulic cone crusher is the main equipment in the production, this hydraulic cone crusher In this round in the construction of large role cannot be underestimated.
   After long term practise, YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher has more new break through, after new design, this series hydraulic cone crusher in the foundation to meet new demand of quality, it has break through in efficiency, too.  Hydraulic cone crusher' new design reduce the need to human resource, reduce the difficulty of maintenance.



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