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Solving the Material Blockage of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

   Hydraulic cone crusher is one of the commonly used equipment in the crushing production line and sand production line. Hydraulic cone crusher is researched and produced by combining leading technology home and abroad and optimizing the main technical parameters of advanced crushers. It is suitable for crushing a variety of mid-hard and above mid-hard ores and rocks. It has the advantage of reliable construction, high productivity, lower operational costs, easy adjustment and easy repair. The spring release system of a hydraulic cone crusher acts an overload protection that allows tramp to pass through the crushing chamber without damaging the crusher. It is of big reduction ratio and ideal for processing materials with high moisture. It has no sieve inside, so the expected size can be adjusted and the materials are not easy to be blocked. However, in the actual operation, sometimes materials are indeed blocked in the feed inlet because of some machine fault or man-made fault. What are the real reasons of that? And what measures should we take to solve these problems?
(1) Electrical equipment failures 
   At the run time hydraulic cone crusher, many electrical failures may cause the material blocking:  the motor electrical shutting down; the bearing being damaged; the drive belt slipping or even burning.
Appropriate measures: the workers should frequently check out the machine to ensure its normal operation and regularly overhaul the machine to ensure that the parts are all in normal use.
(2) Production process failures
    The production capacity of cone crusher is 90-110t ? h. When the amount of entering limestone is too large in per unit time, or the limestone is mixed with iron or hard objects, the hydraulic cone crusher is possible to block due to overload or material stuck.
Appropriate measures: the production capacity of the hydraulic cone crusher should not be exceeded during operation, in case that the overloading machine will be blocked and thus affect the crushing effect. Hard materials are not allowed to enter the amchine, so the fireman should pick up the metal hardware debris on the net chain plate. At the same time operators should install the electromagnet on the chain plate, in order to prevent debris entering into the crusher, damaging the hammer, lining plate and bearings. In addition, if there is any abnormal sound, the machine should be closed down. After identifying the cause of the malfunction and clearing the fouling in crushing cavity, the hydraulic cone crusher can be restarted.
(3) Human- made faults
    Man-made operation mistakes, such as shutting down the machine in premature time or turning on the machine in reverse order, may results in the material blocking accidents.
Appropriate measures: the operators should be strictly in accordance with the crushing production process operation and timely check up the machine. Start the machine no-load and shutdown it after cleaning up the crushing cavity. The material blocking due to man-made mistakes should be resolutely put an end.
    Above is the three reasons why the materials may be blocked in the hydraulic cone crusher and the corresponding measures that should be taken. I believe as long as the operators are strictly in accordance with correct production process, the hydraulic cone crusher will run very well and work with higher efficiency.


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