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Special spring cone crusher performance features

    First, the production of spring cone crusher ore than larger. Why in the case of equal time, the same power consumption, the spring-loaded cone crusher can produce more products? This is because it work when moving cone is continuous rotation, which guarantee a time slot when the crushed material, crushed the course of the crusher of the materials to uninstall the materials in the same work surface continuous, thus effectively increase the output of the crusher.
    Second, the use of crusher is not easy to be damaged, so saving the cost of maintenance and the cost of re-purchase of machinery. This is because this spring cone crusher spring insurance system played a significant role, when outside the hardness of the material into the machine, the device can start and overload protection, thus avoiding the machine by damage. In addition, the crusher is a very harsh environment, which inevitably will make lubricant contamination, but this spring cone crusher is the application of dry oil and water two seals, so it isolated the contact of the powder with lubricant to avoid the contamination of the lubricant, which can guarantee the crusher longer work without damage.
    Third, the scope of this crusher is relatively broad, as long as the above medium hardness of the ore material can be used. And it can be applied to crush the granularity of a variety of materials, which are inextricably linked with its crushing chamber. Each type of machine is equipped with a variety of crushing chamber can choose to use, so you can easily adjust the granularity of the product. Whether you want to rough broken or thin broken, you can make arbitrary choice.Impact breaker make use of impact force to broken materials. Its characteristic is small, simple structure, high broken rito (up to 40), less energy consumption, big production capacity, product of granularity, and function of selective crushed ore. Impact crusher is good promising equipment. But the chief drawback is plate hammer and impact board is easily wore down, especially for hard minerals. The wearness is more seriously and need to change. At present as some wear-resisting materials come up, impact crusher has already been applied to some metal concentrator.


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