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Hydraulic cone crusher practice case studies and applications

    In recent years, China's major crusher,flour mill and sand making base in YIFAN Machinery Co., the world production of high-Efficiency Hydraulic Cone Crusher as dressing the broken, the crushing equipment more widely in use. So far, there are thousands of units throughout the country HPC High-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher in the iron ore, nonferrous metal mines, power plants and large stones factory civil construction materials used, the crushed mineral powder in the 0 ~ 5mm mineral content was significantly higher than China-made old-fashioned spring cone crusher. Therefore, our more efficient concentrator using HPC-based alternative to hydraulic cone crusher spring cone crusher made old-fashioned, without changing the crushing process, with minimum investment to achieve "less more broken ground," a significant reduction in grain crushing products degrees, significantly improves the efficiency of ball mill and concentrator production capacity and achieved better economies of scale.
   Gold deposit in Liaoning Paishanlou early use in China hydraulic cone crusher is one of mine. As the world gold prices, business by 1200t / d production scale organizations, selected plant loss can not recover the investment. Capacity must be increased to 1500t / d or more, enterprises can survive and develop. However, because of the crushing equipment Hydraulic Cone Crusher and the row of mine mouth capacity constraints, is difficult for enterprises to expand production. When the processing of primary ore, the ore port in the broken row of 25mm, mine mouth crushing row 9mm, 15mm × 30mm mesh under the conditions of crushing up to 178% circulating load rate, degree of very coarse (- 12 mm size fraction accounted for 72%, 12 ~ 20mm, 28%), severe impact grinding capacity, while the follow-up operation has the potential to increase production capacity. Broken for the expansion of production capacity bottlenecks.
   Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Company made the high quailty hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher with high-performance crushing chamber type and the successful combination of high breakage frequency, making efficient hydraulic cone crusher with greater capacity, but also thanks to the principle of laminated broken, so broken Multi-cubic structure to a great extent to reduce the pin sheet material. High-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher machine structure is simple, easy to operate, maintain, convenient nesting population adjustment, repair saves time and effort when, in particular the fast liner easy to change, reducing downtime.





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