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YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher promotes slag resources recycling

   Under the situation of global mineral resources tension supply,Global developed countries found that residue remained after the processing and utilization of mineral resources in the tailings, contains a secondary use of the opportunities. And our country is a mining power country, development and utilization o large tailings accumulated in long-term. Both "turning waste into treasure,and can effective mitigate resources and environmental pressures.
   Tailings are the "waste" discharged by mining enterprises in certain technical and economic conditions,but they are also potential secondary resources, when the technology, economic conditions allow, they can be effectively developed again.According to statistics, in 2000, the the mine tailings total output in China was 5.026 billion tons, of which 2.614 billion tons of iron ore tailings, the major non-ferrous metals tailings of 2.109 billion tons, the amount of gold tailings 272 million tons, and the other 031 million tons. In 2000, the annual emissions from the tailings of mines in China reached 600 million tons, the basis of this calculation, the total amount of 80 million tons of the existing tailings.
   Aimed at the tailings recycling project in domestic marketing,Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery researched and developed SMH hydraulic cone crusher,SDY symons cone crusher, JC hydraulic jaw crusher and so on.These equipments can solve the problem of recycling tailings water slag, slag, fly ash and other very large projects, and to solve the low yield of tailings recycling, energy consumption and higher technical problems.Zhenghzou YIFAN absorbs European advanced technology, combined with the company's many years of state-of-the-art design and manufacturing of tailings recovery philosophy and market demand,After years of painstaking design improved large tailings recovery equipment--SMH hydraulic cone crusher,hydraulic cone is high-performance cone crusher, it Optimized combination of design will speed and stroke, as well as the crushing chamber type,design will speed, stroke, and crushing cavity optimized combination it intergranular laminating crushing significantly improves yield and product shape is also greatly improved.SMH series hydraulic cone crusher is the cone crusher developed after the absorption of the world advanced crushing technology with advanced level, it has been widely used in the recycling of steel slag and slag, suitable for crushing hard ores and rocks above medium hardness.
  Aimed at the difficult slag, slag processing solid waste energy recovery,hydraulic cone crusher is the ideal Waste Recycling Processing equipment.Increase the recycling rates of 89% can be achieved.Therefore,Diamond slag crushing and grinding equipment development has better prospects for development, would be promoting the recycling of slag resources.



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