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Spring cone crusher adopt different cavities to realize high-efficiency crushing

   Spring cone crusher has always been one of crushing equipments in mining machinery equipments, recent years, the spring cone crusher manufactured by Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Company is the further upgrade of cone crusher,YIFAN Company's innovation and development made spring cone crusher favored by users in market.
  How to choose spring cone crusher to realize the most reliable,the most economic,it must base on ore of physical and chemical characteristics,work place position and features.Generally speaking,both spring cone crusher and jaw crusher are suitable to crush hard materials ,like Iron ore, pebbles, cobble, etc..Jaw crusher is mainly used in the first class of big materials.It is mainly used in middle crushing.The production capacity,product grain size,the product shape,installation (unit) weight,maintenance and operation of spring cone crusher manufactured by YIFAN is better than common cone crusher.Because of the design will speed, stroke and the crushing cavity type are optimized combination.Making it realize the intergranular laminating crushing, significantly increased the production.In the crushing cavity type is divided into standard, medium, short head type three, according to the requirements of the grain-size stones to choose different cavity type.
   According to the years of development,based on and the development of the industry forefront,YIFAN has been the leader of mining machinery .The reason YIFAN developed fast is nnovating.Study and introduce foreign advanced technology and concept is the industry development of heavy.Spring cone crusher adopt different Cavities,it is cost saving.


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