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YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher Breakthrough market to toward

   Judging from the present situation of development, a series of joint investment boom, bring industries such as steel, hydraulic cone crusher to a new period of development. The market demand for mineral resources such as iron ore, will stimulate industry technology upgrade of hydaulic cone crusher. Cone crusher in mining machinery industry is one of the indispensable equipments, strong national infrastructure investment, has increased demand for mining equipment such as the cone crusher.
   When hydraulic cone crusher produced by YIFAN works,motor of rotating through belt round or coupling, and drive shaft and cone department in eccentric sets of forced dynamic around a fixed made rotary pendulum campaign, thus makes tapered broken machine of broken wall sometimes near also sometimes left solid loaded in adjustment sets of rolling white wall surface, makes ore in broken cavity within constantly was shock, extrusion and bent role and achieved ore of broken. Not breaking through the crushing Chamber of foreign body or, for some reason the machine when overloading, spring insurance system to achieve insurance, increased discharge opening, foreign matter discharged from the crushing cavity, such as a foreign body stuck in the ore can use clear cavity exhaust system, discharging continues to increase, so that excluded foreign bodies crushing cavity.
  In recent years,the demand of hydraulic cone crusher market is increasing, Yifan company based on different forms to develop a variety of cone crusher equipment, such as hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, cone crusher, its high efficiency Crusher yields can be achieved 500-1000 tons per hour, solved the problem of Crusher crushing appears. hydraulic cone crusher is a more suitable and convenient for sand and gravel aggregate industries, the construction industry. Yifan hydraulic cone crusher with advanced technology and principle realize more efficient, in crushing machine industry for rising progressive fruits.


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