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YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher will be the first choice of mining

   In recent years, the rapid development of the national economy, the hydraulic cone crusher is widely used for its increased more attention, so hyudraulic cone crusher future development trend how? Zhengzhou YiFan machinery research experts according to the customer market demand and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, summed up the hydraulic cone crusher research key points:
  1. Hydraulic cone crusher cavity need the use of special design, USES the intergranular laminated principle, with corresponding speed, this design can increase crushing ratio and production, you see baking-free brick machine. Increase the content of finished product stock cube.
  2. In the hydraulic cone crusher assembly, configuration insurance oil cylinder, lock cylinder and hydraulic push oil cylinder three hydraulic insurance institutions, such assembly can up insurance role in troubleshooting problems, can realize the engine maintenance.
  3. Hydraulic cone crusher crushing wall, rolling mortar wall using high manganese steel production, and the crushing cavity type special change and laminating crushing material layer of protection, can greatly reduce the machine abrasion, greatly improve the service life of the crusher.
  4. New hydraulic cone crusher in the operation the respect for our customers to provide more convenient operation, need to meet can automatically adjust the feed port layout size.
   Nowadays, hydraulic cone crusher is toward this direction, in developing constantly to improve the ability and efficiency of crushing, become mine construction industry leading army, in zhengzhou YiFan mechanical efforts to transform the innovation, cone crusher will become China's ore crushing of the ideal equipment.



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