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YIFAN “super star equuipment"--hydraulic cone crusher

        Based on the rapid development of cities need a lot of mine sand as matting, choose efficient cost saving equipment is a lot of businessmen who should first consider this problem. Hydraulic cone crusher as the First launched equipment in the developmentof mining machinery company, Its production efficiency operation cost is low, along with the science and technology unceasing renewal, cone crusher in different ways evolution, the production of hydraulic cone crusher, spring type cone crusher, etc. Iron ore to after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-elect scheduler gradually choose iron. Complex process, need as far as possible to the most appropriate process to obtain the best effect, therefore, iron ore crushing equipment choice is particularly important.
       Hydraulic cone crusher in work by the motor rotation through the pulley or coupling, cone crusher shaft and cone crusher cone department in eccentric sleeve of the forced moving around a week fixed point for rotary pendulum movement. So that the broken cone of broken wall sometimes near the and sometimes leave solid loading in the adjustment of the rolling mortar wall surface, and make the ore in the crushing cavity constantly affected, extrusion and bending function and realization of ore crushing. Motor through the bevel gear drive eccentric sleeve rotation, make the broken cone for rotary pendulum movement. Broken cone sometimes near the and sometimes leave fixed cone, finish crushing and discharge. Support sleeve and frame body joint by spring compression, when crusher in fall into metal block and so on do not crushing object, the spring which produce compression deformation, discharge foreign body, realize insurance, prevent the machine from damage.
   After years of research,YIFAN developed hydraulic cone crusher not only realize the advantage of high efficiency low consumption, but also become "super-star equipment" in crushing and screening industry.




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