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Spring cone crusher builds individual brand in crushing industry

     In the view of the world pay more and more attention to the large-scale mining of mineral resources, the world many mining enterprises are expanding scale of operation, investment, the construction of a new mine project, mining machinery crusher equipment and service will contain huge demand potential. In the development of new ways to explore crusher in the process, zhengzhou YiFan mechanical equipment co., LTD., actively introduce advanced excellent science and technology, optimize structure design, production of innovative mandibles crusher, counterattack crusher, impact crusher, spring cone crusher and other environmental protection equipment, can be used alone work, but also can be equipped with efficient mobile crushing station building investigated the absorbency of rubbish, construction industry for the benign path of cycle provides the new development thought.
    Cone crusher is a high efficient spring cone crusher, is the world's earliest cone crusher, also is in the present world the most widely used, dosage larger crusher. The main characteristic is cavity type many, wide adaptability, and running is stable, high yield. Hydraulic control discharge gate and overload protection breaker operation level is greatly improved, make the maintenance more simple, operation more convenient, stop time shorter; New type spring cone crusher tow-way iron release hydraulic cylinder can let iron through the crushing cavity, the machine had iron and instantaneous stuffy car, can hydraulic up top, automatic discharge, greatly reduces the original spring cone crusher should stop for artificial discharge troubles, and many other manufacturers of crusher will with TieKa died and stop.
    In order to ensure the national economy sustained and stable rise and crusher industry profits remain, it is necessary for the country to supervise mining industry.For example, Zhengzhou YIFAN spring cone crusher.After 10 years development, YIFAN has already set up its own brand, the product in the national sales rose steadily.



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