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Hydraulic cone crusher develop the new pace of mining machinery industry

   In the implementation of the national real estate regulation, strengthen the security room investment and promote transportation infrastructure construction background, the nation should timely adjustment, and help enterprises to overcome difficulties, also want to play to market forces, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and structure adjustment. Specifically, hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer should further speed up scientific development and deepening reform, and actively adjust the industrial and product structure, change the mode of economic growth, enhance the ability of independent innovation, strengthen the high-end mineral processing equipment, crusher equipment and key parts development and market development pace.
   Zhengzhou YIFAN produces cone crusher(hydraulic cone crusher,spring cone crusher),impact crusher,sand maker,mobile crushers,construction waste disposal equipment.Hydraulic cone crusher the eccentric mechanism and effect, make moving cone cone periodically near and leave fixed cone cone, do rotary pendulum movement, when moving cone near the fixed cone, produce crushing effect, leave already broken material from the crushing cavity vent, the cone crusher work principle and jaw crusher similar, can be seen as a continuous action of jaw crusher. Main frame, horizontal axis and dynamic cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, broken wall (fixed cone), the broken wall (dynamic cone), and hydraulic coupler, lubricating system, hydraulic system and control system, and so on several parts.
   In order to follow the development of the times,hydraulic cone crusher produced by YIFAN as the leading enterprise,developed the new pace of the times.


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