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Customers speak highly of spring cone crusher

    Spring cone crusher is mainly contained a frame, horizontal axis and dynamic cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, broken wall, broken wall, and hydraulic coupler, lubricating system, hydraulic system and control system, and so on.
    Spring in the cone crusher has an obvious effect, main effect is when cone crusher entered not gouge protect cone crusher were not damaged, so the spring pressure and cone crusher of the crushing force adapt, cone crusher in normal working hours spring is immovable, only in the crushing cavity fall into iron make cone crusher overload to raise bearing sleeve happen spring is compressed phenomenon. Cone crusher upper in normal work beat happens, it is not normal phenomenon must be careful analysis, the reason, take measures to eliminate, if mistakenly compression spring not only can not normal work, but possible cone crusher parts damage, because compression spring will cause the increase of the crushing force.
    Zhengzhou YIFAN cone crusher is divided into hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher, which spring cone crusher is particularly by the foreign customer's favor, this series spring cone crusher are widely used in construction, building materials industry, suitable to crush hard or secondary hard above all kinds of ore and rock, obtained the customer consistent high praise.


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