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Cone crusher has already in the international leading place

   The world mainstream cone crusher manufacturers have entered the Chinese market one by one. A large amount of cone crusher multinational corporation got Chinese market,competiving fiercely.No matter from which point of view,Chinese cone crusher market have already internationalized.
   The market of cone crusher is biger and biger, the group of cone crusher is also bigger and bigger. Zhengzhou YIFAN is almost the leader of cone crusher field.Along with the development of enterprises,the varieties of cone crusher are more and more.Recently,a new type single-cylinder cone crusher has been applied widely. This kind cone crusher can crush ores and rocks.The cone crusher has the structure to be reliable, the production efficiency is high, the adjustment is convenient, economic and other characteristics advantage. Spring system is overload protection device, it can from damage, metal foreign body through the crushing cavity, use dry oil seal form, make the powder and oil isolation, to ensure reliable operation. In the cone crusher production technology, YiFan machinery in China has reached the leading level. This series cone crusher equipment failure rate is extremely low, operation rate above 85%, thus cone crusher comprehensive cost.
   YIFAN is a professional manufacturer of cone crsher,The company set research and development, design, production, sales, installation, commissioning and after-sales service in one of the large joint venture mechanical equipment manufacture enterprise.The production of cone crusher include: hydraulic cone crusher, single-cylinder  hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, etc., having been rapidly covered most of the market at home and abroad, well receivedthe customer's consistent high praise.




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