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YIFAN Aggregate Production Line in Shanxi Pingshuo Started up Smoothly

YIFAN Aggregate Production Line started up smoothly in ChinaCoal Pingshuo New Building Materials Co., Ltd recently. This is a good performance of YIFAN domestic business while we are doing well in the international business.

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Sandstone is one of the most widely used building stone mainly formed by sand grains cementation. The sand content of the sandstone is more than 50%. As one of the world's three largest sandstone countries, China is rich in sandstone resources. According to the characteristics of sandstone in Shanxi, YIFAN technicians configured a reasonable aggregate production line for ChinaCoal Pingshuo New Building Materials Co., Ltd. The aggregate production line has the advantages of high crushing ratio, low running costs, energy saving and environmental protection, good grain shape of product and so on.

The aggregate production line takes the sandstone of the strip mine as raw material to turn the waste into treasure. It not only provides high-quality building sand for local construction but also fills in a gap in the local history of sand-making with sandstone. Both with its good social benefit and economic benefit, YIFAN aggregate production line got unanimous approval and favorable comment of customers.





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