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Hydraulic cone crusher is significant effect in crushing iron ore

    Iron ore processing contains exploration, mining, head broken, two broken, screening, fine grinding, dry cleaning, transportation etc..Iron ore broken links is particularly important, usually into dry ore particle size is fine, including iron ore was dry elected ratio is higher, choose the most economic mode of production, maximize iron ore dry separation rate, fine grinding device type many, such as counterattack crusher, jaw crusher, etc., but these equipment crushing principle each are not identical, applicable link also have limitations, a new type of hydraulic cone crusher for iron ore fine grinding efficiency is high, and the running cost is extremely low, is the first choice of iron ore fine grinding crusher equipment.
    Hydraulic cone crusher Spindle at both ends up and down all have support,it can withstand the iron ore crushing force and greater stroke, with laminated theory adapt to the special crushing cavity shape, make crushing iron ore has higher efficiency of crushing. YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher will break stroke, crushing speed and the crushing cavity form unifies in together, the production of iron ore, than the old cone crusher high output 1-3 times; Flake stone decrease, grain type more uniform. New hydraulic cone crusher overcome traditional hydraulic cone crusher yield and "fineness" contradictions, USES the many kinds of cavity type in fine crushing replacement and laminating crushing principle, make crushing products cube and the proportion of increased obviously, the needle flake stone decrease, graded more uniform, and production stability, fully meet the production requirements.


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