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What is the features and advantages of YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher

  YIFAN Machinery is Chinese well-known crushing and screening manufacturer,the main crushing equipments are:cone crusher,jaw crusher,impact crusher,hammer crusher and so on. Hydraulic cone crusher is the abanced technology cone crusher that absorb world advanced technology,so what is the advantages of hydraulic cone crusher?Here is the summaries.
SMH hydraulic cone crusher is more excellent than common hudraulic cone crusher:
1.Big crushing ratio, high production efficiency
Make a higher speed and stroke combination to make SMH crusher rated power and through the capability is greatly improved, improve the crushing ratio and production efficiency. The hydraulic cone crusher will break stroke, crushing speed and the crushing cavity shape of the perfect combination of design, than the old spring cone broken high output by 35% ~ 60%.
2.Wearing parts consumption, low operation cost
The result is reasonable, the broken principle and technical parameters of advanced, reliable operation, operation cost is low; Crusher of all parts are wear protection, maintenance cost will be reduced to a minimum, general service life can be increased by more than 30%.
3.Laminating crushing, finished product grain shape excellent.
Through the use of intergranular laminated principle design of the special crushing cavity and matching speed, instead of the traditional single particle crushing principle, realize the material selective crushing, significantly improve the product fine material proportion and cube content, great extent reduced the needle plate material.
4.Many crushing cavity type, application flexibility and adaptability
SMH hydraulic cone crusher simply changing the fixed cone plate, moving cone lining plate, the crushing cavity shape from the standard super thick cavity type to short head superfine cavity type arbitrary transformation, to adapt to a wide range of product size requirements.



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