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Hydraulic cone crusher appears city elegant demeanour

   Hydraulic cone crusher in the domestic market development present diversity, in order to improve the cone crusher promote crusher industry rapid development, domestic hydraulic cone crusher almost than spring cone crusher no advantage, and domestic hydraulic parts quality is difficult to pass, therefore from the stability of speaking, spring type cone crusher is still currently runs the most stable cone crusher. The cone crusher in the design will speed, stroke and the crushing cavity type are optimized combination, make it realize the intergranular laminating crushing, significantly increased the production, product grain shape is better, the rolling mortar wall adopted on the market at present the longest service life of wear parts. Therefore, it is by the market welcome trust.
   Cone crusher produced by YIFAN adjust the big gear is difficult, so the past are borrowed by add and subtract gasket thickness to adjust mark and lateral clearance. Just by changing plate of the machine will plane thrust bearing thickness change, make big gear installed distance change. If there is a tooth face two head mark, the most effective way is to change the big wheel installed distance and by changing small wheel installed distance compensation side gap size, but not in order to meet the side gap requires lots of change gear installed distance and destroy a pair of gear meshing mark correctly. YIFAN launched hydraulic cone crusher can crush special position materials and can remove feeder stemming, make its normal work.
   The company in recent years in the development of continuous innovation and improvement, the hydraulic cone crusher research shows solutions to the cone crusher in work caused a lot of pollution, effectively solve the environmental protection, energy saving and convenient, it is the first industry to force product.


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