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Spring cone crusher conform to the energy conservation

   Spring cone crusher Is crushing line that commonly used in crushing equipment, this equipment is the main characteristics of low energy consumption, crushing scope, operation cost is low, compared with traditional domestic etc. Series of cone crusher,  YIFAN developed a new kind of composite cone crusher, was all over the world quarrying plant's universal high praise.
   In order to avoid unable to meet part of the stone crushing the completion of work, in easy to wear a replacement and maintenance reduce the cost of users,YIFAN spring cone crusher for technical improvement, through the introduction of Japan and Taiwan advanced manufacturing technology, and extensive reference to Europe and the United States advanced cone crusher design experience, in crusher wear-resisting performance, production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection and so on all have a more profound research.At present, YIFAN spring cone crusher in the crushing process and product performance stability is domestic counterparts far left behind.
   At present, YIFAN spring cone crusher will continue to lead the domestic spring cone crusher manufacturing technology development, continue to increase in the cone crusher r&d, design investment, constantly for the overwhelming majority of customers out of higher efficiency and use more durable, more automated new cone crusher.Believe that in the near future,YIFAN will lead national cone crusher to rapid development.


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