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Bauma China 2012: Zhengzhou YIFAN strikes a pose with amazing glare

   At 9am on Nov.27, Bauma China 2012 officially opened up, 2012 is the year that the mining industry is amid a stark climate, every two years Bauma China is still passion like fire. Also Zhengzhou YiFan Machinery Co.,Ltd. strikes a pose with amazing glare taking with its VI new type Vertical Impact Crusher and PP Series impact mobile cruhsing station, it becomes the focus of miming machinery industry and spreads a "YIFAN" brand image which is famous for the high quality.
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  YiFan has always paid attention to the large exhibition activity participation, at the 108 square meters, YIFAN take "YIFAN style blue"as the dominant hue, The style is elegant and spectacular.The whole show's indoor and outdoor is harmonious unification, the whole machine and the components is photograph echo.Combined with big LED screen,electronic touch screen and these showing style and warm reception,many outstanding spots,hundreds of high lights.

VI9000 Series sand making machine:is researched and developed in 2004 by YIFAN through absorbing the Y series vertical shaft impact technology,the performance of sand making machine has already achieved the world advanced level.

PP mobile impact crushing station is produced through absorbing Chinese,Germany,Sweden,Korea advanced international technology,it has first-level thchnology,reliable performance,efficient environment,and is very suitable to construction waste disposal ,Operating process owns good working field of vision,Comfortable and safe operation environment,stronger power and higher working performance.

  During the exhibition, YIFAN is especially favored by all clients from home and abroad.There are crowded peple front the exhibition stand,the clients who comes to consult is in an endless stream. Zhengzhou YIFAN's popularity has already got the recognition of all clients from home and abroad.

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