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Cone crusher goes the way of city high-end products

     Along with the development of mining machinery industry, researching a new type mining equipment is the key to realize increashing products technology, machinery industry needs modernized information processing and model, along the development of socialization,As long as quickly adapt to and transform their own factors, in constant innovation and development of the mechanism to the development of the industry forefront technology, a new breakthrough in the field of innovation and development. In recent years from the developing trend of cone crusher realize the further innovation type development.
    According to the domestic mining machinery industry development present situation, industry technology development trend and trend,Especially the hydraulic cone crusher equipment advanced technology, further development of our country and improve the mining machinery manufacturing level, for coal, metal and non-metal mining development provide more with the international advanced level in the high quality, and high efficiency equipment, to meet the development of national economy of the need for energy and raw materials.When the hydraulic cone crusher is working , motor through the elastic coupling, drive shaft and a pair of bevel gear drive eccentric sleeve rotation, the broken cone axis in eccentric sleeve of forced motion, do rotary pendulum movement, make the broken wall of rolling mortar wall and near and far away from. Ore in the crushing cavity is continually extrusion and bending and was broken. Hydraulic cone crusher use grease seal way, can avoid improper operation caused by water and oil mixed phenomenon, when packing wear, due to the effect of spring, it can automatic compensation, still make seal adhesion, continue to play a seal function, when the seal wear about 1/4-1/3 original thickness, it must change seal.
    Along with the advancement of cone crusher, we can see that  technology to realize the energy conservation and emission reduction, high efficiency advantages. This is YiFan zhengzhou mechanical equipment co., LTD. Has improved in the launch of the new hydraulic cone crusher in the results. And widely applied to metal mining, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, building industry, iron (male) road construction unit, cement and sand industry and other projects with stone in most of the basalt and other hard rock is given priority to, and broken material hardness is bigger.


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