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Hydraulic cone crusher transformation has created a new brand

   The domestic manufacturers that manufactur hydraulic cone crusher is as many as the hairs on an ox -- innumerable, cone crusher mainly inhabited areas like henan, Shanghai more widely. Of course in the production of various types and different types of cone crusher is in order to better cope with mineral processing, cement,construction industry production and manufacturing. Vigorously carry out the engineering machinery industry crusher development is meet customer needs to promote the rapid development of resources of the premise, according to "the eighteenth big", put forward the corresponding policy will speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development of the "three transformations" : the foreign trade, investment pulled pull economic development mode change for domestic demand drive.
   The econd industry and the third industry is an economic structural transformation for the coordinated development of the tertiary industry in the economic structure, promoting economic promoting development.
   Production of the new product is more adapt to the broader business needsl. Zhengzhou YIFAN In dealing with the development of the industry mechanism, developed a new type of hydraulic cone crusher, the cone crusher standard used to open cycle, short head type is used to closed cycle, standard cone crusher should reach 75% ~ 80%, and the short head cone crusher should reach 80% ~ 85%. Hydraulic cone crusher dynamic cone plate and the cone plate have surrounded the space and shape is what we call the cavity type, then how are they different? 7 feet cone as an example, the standard of feed particle size in 0 ~ 250 mm, production capacity of 600 t/h, 80% product size or less fifty mm, so as the secondary crushing. Short head type feed particle size in 0 mm, processing capacity in 400 t/h, 80% product size 12 mm or less, so as a level 3 broken, that is finely intermediate type boundary in between the two, so can be broken and can make the finely. In the mining machinery field, crusher accelerated to the various traditional industry spread, industry boundary increasingly blend, new stone production line model and service economy accelerated up, and derived a new format.


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