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Cone crusher trys to create new products

   In order to adapt to the development of machinery industry is one of the modernization and constantly updated technology is crusher industry development priority. Cone crusher manufcturer should realize technology innovation in the future development and try to create industry new products. Zhenghzou YIFAN tried their best to develop cone crusher,hydraulic cone crusher to realize the further promotion in technology.
   Cone crusher through the large engineering proved the machine in the field of mineral processing good application prospect. The throughput of cone crusher is big, high production capacity,and the special desigh,make the maintenance cost and maintenance cost greatly reduced, so that the production efficiency greatly improved, the production cost has significantly reduced. Cone crusher is structure is compact, high production efficiency, using bowl bearing has higher accuracy reserve, and USES the centralized thin oil lubrication system, when the need to adjust the discharge gate big hours can activate hydraulic station through the push cylinder adjusted, when not broken material into the crushing cavity, the spring safety device can protect equipment from damage. No matter what type and function of the cone crusher in the use of equipment need some protection measures. General use of the grease seal way, can avoid improper operation caused by water and oil mixed phenomenon, when packing wear, due to the effect of spring, it can automatic compensation, still make seal adhesion, continue to play a seal function, when the seal wear about 1/4-1/3 original thickness, it must change seal.
   Among with the spring cone crusher is the one of cone crusher, which if long lifetime, high performance, low noise, it is a perfect crusher.



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