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Hydraulic cone crusher went to Sinkiang is an irresistable trend

  In xinjiang, basalt is one of the most common rock, but the hardness is very high, in 5 to 6 between, broken very difficult, general crushing limestone used methods and crushing equipment to meet production requirements, or even that can barely finish crushing work, but the wear and tear of spare parts is very large, and occupied maintenance time greatly increase the work of production, to bring great difficulties. To solve this problem, must use more efficient crushing equipment.And hydraulic cone crusher is the best choice. Using the hydraulic cone crusher can reduce the production cost, and reduce the  difficulty of the production line maintenance work, so hydraulic cone crusher is favored by Sinkiang.
   The present cone crusher can be divided into two: spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher.Especially the hydraulic cone crusher is the most convenient, one of the easy operation crusher. The crushing model and production philosophy of hydraulic cone crusher is very suitable to crush hard rock,it is the best choice for resourceful Sinkiang.


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