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3YK1860 vibrating screen were packed to Shanghai

   Since September, YIFAN machines have been streamed to all parts of the country. Today, in the warm sunshine, a set of 3YK1860 vibrating screen already packed to shanghai.It is the machine that Shanghai customers choose for our best quality and services.

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   3YK1860 vibrating screen is first level mahine that YIFAN absorbed foreign advanced manufacturing technology, and the new achievement after YIFAN improvement and innovation.Compared with other same products, YIFAN vibrating screen owns a number of independent patent property, it is the other breakthrough of mining crushing industry.It professionaly provides qualified sand aggregate for natioanl highway, high speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, ports, concrete batching plant, etc.At present, vibrating screen has already become the first choice screening machine of mining industry.
    YIFAN gather the current domestic mining equipment industry elite and technology research men, together with years of actual research and production experience, only from the view of  structure design, it is incomparable for other enterprises.In order to improve the durability of the equipment,YIFAN carries out high quality parts. YIFAN machinery will follow the trend of the Times in the future development,grasping every change direction, stepping to the front of industry.



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